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Marketing in Architecture Practice Workshops: Dubai, Tel Aviv and Jeddah

During the next days, the Director of the Master in Architectural Management and Design [1], Prof. Juan Lago-Novás will be running Marketing in Architecture Practice workshops in Dubai, Tel Aviv and Jeddah in October. These are the dates:

Key to success: Marketing your Design & not your Ego

This course gives students an understanding how branding, marketing and communications can assist architectural practices to meet their design and commercial goals. It looks at the tools that are available to professionals to communicate with their market place and how these should be used to respond to the very specific needs of the professional firm. It looks at the relationship between the market, the marketing process and the architectural strategies that particular firms may wish to pursue.


– Understand the role that marketing can play in assisting architectural practices to achieve their goals.

– Understand how marketing relates to other parts of the business: design, office organization and delivery.

– Understand branding and how it relates to architects and architecture.

– Who should attend: Principals, Directors, Partners, Entrepreneurs or those willing to become any of the mentioned.


– 1 hour brief: Where the professor will guide them through the rest of the workshop.

– 1 hours development: Students will work on teams towards a proposal of a marketing plan and its presentation.

– 1 hour presentation and debrief: Students will present their work and receive feedback from their peers and professor.

Please bring your laptop.

Free registration by 1st of October for Dubai, 3rd of October for Tel Aviv and 4th of October for Jeddah at: admissions.architecture@ie.edu [4]